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Chocolatebeautie - originated in 2015,founded in 2020.






    Once we travelled around Africa, receiving countless sincere welcomes and help from local people.


    In those days,


    He browsed the landscapes and experienced the pure cultural customs.

    He appreciated the dance full of tension, indulged in the exotic music and was also surprised by the strong colors which represent African people’s tenacious vitality.






    He views this trip as a precious experience for a lifetime.


    Now, he has been fascinated by the pure culture of this different ethnic group. Though there are all kinds of temptations around the world, he does not want to have a glance. Because he wants to concentrate on excavating Africanblack culture as much as possible to create clothes as classic as their old but fascinating art, helping disseminate it, contributing to real diversity and providing personality with more options.

    Therefore, an idea came up that he wanted to start our company to pick and sell clothes with African culture. We never stopped working hard. Gradually, a group of partners having common interests and goals gathered together. Although having experienced many difficulties like Covid-19, our members keep working hard and supporting each other.





    Finally, we are Chocolatebeautie. Our motto is : Back to the roots, get inspired and reborn in the new era. We hold a firm belief that we are not only an enterprise who produces comfortable clothes in high quality but a brand who aims at promoting black culture and selecting relevant suitable apparels for those in need.

Our secret: We ship directly from top factories around the world, and pass the savings on to you. 

We are excited to go in this stylish journey with you.
And thank you again for our founder: Shanghai Fengzhiyi Trading Co.,ltd.

With Gratitude,